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Matt Dillahunty

I was raised in a loving, Southern Baptist home and was a fundamentalist Christian for over 20 years. After 8 years in the Navy and several years in the hi-tech game, I set out to re-affirm my faith with designs on attending seminary and continuing with a life in the...
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Mandisa Thomas

Mandisa Thomas is president of Black Nonbelievers, Inc. Black Nonbelievers (BN) is a 501 c3 non-profit fellowship of nonbelievers headquartered in the Atlanta area that is dedicated to providing an informative, caring, festive and friendly environment. We strive to...
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Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews is a former Christian radio broadcaster who is now the host of The Thinking Atheist podcast, one of the top 3 podcasts of Blog Talk Radio. The Thinking Atheist is a website, radio podcast and online community which rejects faith as a suitable tool for...
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Anthony Pinn

ANTHONY PINN is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Humanist Association. Pinn completed his undergraduate degree (BA) at Columbia University, and he received the Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University Divinity School, as well as the MA and...
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Rita Swan

Rita Swan of Lexington is the president of Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD), which she founded in 1983. For 34 years she has advocated for the rights of children to access healthcare regardless of the religious affiliations of their parents. She has...
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Will Gervais

Will Gervais is an evolutionary and cultural psychologist in the Psychology Department at the University of Kentucky who is interested in why people believe what they believe about the world. His research focuses on the cognitive, evolutionary, and cultural forces...
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Shawna Middleton

Shawna Middleton is a wife, mother of three kids, stepmother of two. She is a full time CNA and continuing her nursing education. She escaped from an extreme christian cult in 2014 and has been speaking out against the church, its leaders, and religion since then. She...
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Our Venue

We will be meeting in the spacious and scenic View Point Hall on the 6th floor of the Muhammad Ali Center. Your ticket to the Kentucky Freethought Convention will include free admission to the exhibits of the Muhammad Ali Center, which normally costs $12 per adult. 

Downtown Parking Information

Parking at the Muhammad Ali Center garage is $4 all day, though space is limited. The Riverfront Garage across the street is $20 for all day. You can find more parking options around downtown Louisville at

Parent and Kid Area

We were unable to provide free child care this year due to insurance requirements and costs. However, we will have a parent area near the vendor table section. Parents can listen to the speakers while children watch television, color in coloring books, and play with toys.

September 2, 2017