Shawna Middleton

Shawna Middleton is a wife, mother of three kids, stepmother of two. She is a full time CNA and continuing her nursing education. She escaped from an extreme christian cult in 2014 and has been speaking out against the church, its leaders, and religion since then. She does activist work within her community. She helps those currently in cults or just getting out. There are many risk she faces by speaking out, but she will not be silent until justice has been...

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Will Gervais

Will Gervais is an evolutionary and cultural psychologist in the Psychology Department at the University of Kentucky who is interested in why people believe what they believe about the world. His research focuses on the cognitive, evolutionary, and cultural forces that facilitate supernatural beliefs—and how these beliefs, in turn, affect cognition, evolution, and culture. He is seeking answers to the following questions. Why does our species have religion? Why do most folks believe in some sort of a god? Why do other folks (almost a billion, by some estimates) not believe in any gods? What are the consequences of...

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Rita Swan

Rita Swan of Lexington is the president of Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD), which she founded in 1983. For 34 years she has advocated for the rights of children to access healthcare regardless of the religious affiliations of their parents. She has helped change many state laws, saving the lives of countless children. CHILD advocates laws requiring medical care of children, including preventive and diagnostic measures, without exception for religious belief; reporting of child abuse and neglect without religious exemption licensing of child care facilities including those run by churches; ratification of the U.N. Convention on the...

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